For Posterity...

As I've mentioned in the past few posts (or so), I am a fan of Shpongle. Shpongle is, as a quick search would turn up, Simon Posford. It only recently occurred to me that he might have other pseudonyms, though... and indeed he does! (I count 31.)

This news is both good and bad. Good, in that I have plenty of music to explore, now. Bad, in that his music generally isn't cheap. On Amazon, some albums were for sale (used only) at $50.

It dawned on me that my wife has an iPod, and thus can buy songs at a buck a pop ($10 for an album). So tonight, I goaded her into buying two of them (this and that). I am presently listening to A Flock of Bleeps. ...and cursing myself that I didn't do this earlier.


This may sound a bit silly, but I do think Posford is a modern-day Mozart. Unconventional, brilliant, and a visionary. If I believed in the whole reincarnation thing... : )

Well, this should keep me satisfied for a few months.

In other news, the newest programmer at work managed to convince the other two programmers that we should really be writing as much as possible in Ruby (and Rails, secondarily). So this past week, I started "training" the others, kinda. It seems to be well-received. As a result, I spent a good 20 hours this week in Aptana. I also released my port of... uhhh... well, it would take a long time to explain it, but basically, my "main application"... which was originally written in ColdFusion (and I daresay there have been only a handful of CF programs as complex as this one). I only got it running Thursday night, and Friday was fraught with "gotchas". But there's something very different about Ruby code, and I wasn't at all stressed by it, as I might be even in Perl. The code is fairly clear. Clean. Approachable. I don't worry about problems: they can all be solved quickly and with minimal pain.

I'm a fan.

M-kay. It's past midnight here (I spent the last few hours composing), and that's way too late for me. Bedtime, new Posford music or not!