My Stance on Climate Change

...So much for avoiding political topics...

As I suspect is true of most of you: I have friends on both sides of the political fence.

Some of them are very ...shall we say... vocal, when it comes to "debunking" climate change.

Here's my take.

I don't care whether climate change is a reality or not.

Seriously.  Don't care.  Haven't read the research one way or t'other. The argument is being made to push our country into taking better care of the environment, specifically by cutting emissions, keeping forests healthy, and reducing our use of deletable resources.

I don't give a rat's ass whether or not climate change is real because ...we need to be doing these things anyway.

Now STFU and take care of your planet.


Sick of Political Bickering

As the title implies, I have become rather disenchanted with hearing people's bickering about political... stuff.

So I apologize for posting this.

But... seriously?  Is this true? In short, the article implies that GWB called the Fance's Chirac to goad him into the war on religious grounds.

...'Cause if that's true, it is completely uncool with me.