Sick of Political Bickering

As the title implies, I have become rather disenchanted with hearing people's bickering about political... stuff.

So I apologize for posting this.

But... seriously?  Is this true? In short, the article implies that GWB called the Fance's Chirac to goad him into the war on religious grounds.

...'Cause if that's true, it is completely uncool with me.

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r_b_bergstrom said...

I first heard about it a few months back. The source on it is President Chirac himself.

....In 2007, Dr. Romer recounted Bush’s strange behavior in Lausanne University’s review, Allez Savoir....Subsequently, ex-President Chirac confirmed the nutty event in a long interview with French journalist Jean-Claude Maurice, who tells the tale in his new book, Si Vous le Répétez, Je Démentirai (If You Repeat it, I Will Deny), released in March by the publisher Plon.

This isn't brand new: the Toronto Star wrote about it a couple of months ago,

See also:

Bush is really fucking disturbing nutjob, IMHO.