Obligitory Map

Here's the current map for the upcoming campaign. This is supposed to represent an area a bit smaller than India.

Keepin' it relatively simple.

Spheres of Magic

Made this a few nights ago, I've neglected to post it. Meant for use in an upcoming RPG:

  • Animus: Giving life to lifeless things, or "more life" to other living things. Spells to temporarily boost attributes, to make plants move, to make inanimate objects move, and the like.
  • Air: Spells to create, control, or otherwise affect wind and weather.
  • Binding: Spells to bind non-humans (only) to a particular task.
  • Charm: Spells to beguile, befriend, command, or otherwise affect other human (only) minds.
  • Conjuration: Spells to produce short-lived but ostensibly real items.
  • Earth: Spells to shape, soften, harden, or otherwise affect rock, sand, and the like.
  • Fire: Be careful. Sure, it does lots of damage... but it often comes with collateral! Also offers spells to control or withstand fire.
  • Healing: Yeah, you may need a little of this. Includes curing diseases.
  • Illusion: Spells to create visual and auditory stimulus that has no physical reality.
  • Kinesics: Spells to move things (potentially even yourself).
  • Mysticism: See things no one else can see.
  • Necromancy: controlling the dead. Be careful, here, this is dark stuff.
  • Pathomancy: The antithesis of healing: causing wounds, inflicting diseases, leeching health. Be careful with this one, too: it is also quite dark.
  • Protection: creating shields or barriers, or defending against particular dangers.
  • Shunting: Spells that bend space, creating portals from one place to another.
  • Summoning: briefly conscripting the services of an Outsider.
  • Water: Somewhat weak offensively, but can include spells to breathe underwater, walk on water, and the like.