Spheres of Magic

Made this a few nights ago, I've neglected to post it. Meant for use in an upcoming RPG:

  • Animus: Giving life to lifeless things, or "more life" to other living things. Spells to temporarily boost attributes, to make plants move, to make inanimate objects move, and the like.
  • Air: Spells to create, control, or otherwise affect wind and weather.
  • Binding: Spells to bind non-humans (only) to a particular task.
  • Charm: Spells to beguile, befriend, command, or otherwise affect other human (only) minds.
  • Conjuration: Spells to produce short-lived but ostensibly real items.
  • Earth: Spells to shape, soften, harden, or otherwise affect rock, sand, and the like.
  • Fire: Be careful. Sure, it does lots of damage... but it often comes with collateral! Also offers spells to control or withstand fire.
  • Healing: Yeah, you may need a little of this. Includes curing diseases.
  • Illusion: Spells to create visual and auditory stimulus that has no physical reality.
  • Kinesics: Spells to move things (potentially even yourself).
  • Mysticism: See things no one else can see.
  • Necromancy: controlling the dead. Be careful, here, this is dark stuff.
  • Pathomancy: The antithesis of healing: causing wounds, inflicting diseases, leeching health. Be careful with this one, too: it is also quite dark.
  • Protection: creating shields or barriers, or defending against particular dangers.
  • Shunting: Spells that bend space, creating portals from one place to another.
  • Summoning: briefly conscripting the services of an Outsider.
  • Water: Somewhat weak offensively, but can include spells to breathe underwater, walk on water, and the like.


r_b_bergstrom said...

One time, we forgot to push the button, and a big blast door came down, and the lights turned off, and that picture was painted on the blast door. ...No, wait, that was LOST.

Awesome diagram. What else can you share about the campaign?

Jeremy Rice said...


Yup, I will post other tidbits as I have time (really really busy lately); I have lots more.

I decided to have a go at a fantasy campaign where I put a whole bunch of effort into world-design, like I used to do back in college. ...Just to see how I felt about it, and to get some creative juices flowing. (Since I've been so busy lately.)

FWIW, I have invited Liam, Lu Ann and April (yes, THAT April) to play, and the women each wanted to pull in a friend, so it's up to five players, potentially. I was hoping for three or four. But so it goes.

Jeremy Rice said...

...I also just updated this post with the descriptions I had written up for each of the schools.

I can also say that the game system is based on the second edition of Fate, with a few mechanical tweaks.

Jeremy Rice said...

...Annnnnnnd... I noticed that I didn't include Shunting. Drat.

r_b_bergstrom said...

Thanks for the extra info. This rocks... I may have to steal a few of your ideas sometime.

r_b_bergstrom said...

P.S.: Please say "howdy" from me to the three of your players that I know.