The Edge of Electronic Music

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't have any readers with their ears to the ground of electronic music... so you probably haven't heard of the monome. It's a new instrument that's just a bunch of buttons.

JUST a bunch of buttons.

Most musians have said "uh-huh, boring," and moved on. Yamaha believes in it, and has created a version called the Tenori-on. But other musicians have embraced it... and look at the beautiful music they've created!

There is, of course, more of this stuff available on the web, though this guy (girl?) appears to be the most skilled that I've seen.

(...And the little red box on the far side of the table is a Korg Mini KP... a very cool little effects-processor.)

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r_b_bergstrom said...

Thank you for the explanatory text. Without it, I might not have been sure the music was coming from that yellow keyboard. It seriously kinda looks like just someone typing, set to an unrelated (but coincidentally in-rhythm) soundtrack.

Very strange instrument. I dig the retro "fisher price" yellow. I used to have a little kid's "lets play doctor" kit that had the exact same handle.