The Happening

About a month ago, the "team lead" on the EOL Website project had to leave the group.  Suddenly.  ...Like, very suddenly.

I received an email that weekend asking if I could take over the role.  I accepted.

So I've spent nearly a month (not quite) working this "new job", as it were.  It's a rather demanding role... I am typically putting in 10-hours days, sometimes much more.  It's kind of exciting, though, and despite the extra work (and, I admit: stress), I'm actually having fun.

However, for reasons you might imagine, I'm not terribly interested in blogging by the time I'm done. : )  On the other hand, by the time I'm done, I do feel like playing a little music, so I have been (minimally) active on Twitter and my other blog, talking music.

I also try to keep current on Facebook.

So... that's the reason things are quiet here.  Sorry!

I expect things will settle... but not for a few months.  I'll be back.


Victor said...

Congrats, dude!

Jeremy Rice said...

Heh. Thanks. You know, it was your email that reminded me I'd dropped off the face of the earth...