Something's Gotta Give

I believe in diversity.  I seems healthy to have a host of competing ideas, particularly in the political arena.

Are things going too far?

Bush's behavior was completely unacceptable to me (I was calling for his removal from office), and clearly Obama's behavior is completely unacceptable to some people now (who are calling for his removal from office)... and I fail to see any common ground upon which both sides can comfortably stand. Our respective senses of morality seem too far apart to reconcile.

If the debate comes to blows, I predict the Right wins.  They are stronger-willed, better-suited, and more willing to bend morality to their favor and find advantage.

I fear that time approaches.

I would prefer a more amicable separation.

But at this point: I prefer separation.

How horrible is that thought?


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r_b_bergstrom said...

And the Right is actively preparing for it now - in fact, they're actively engaging in plans designed to win in the next couple generations whether or not it comes to blows. Go look up the "Quiverfull" movement. It's disturbing.