More on RPGs

Here's a confession: I never, ever do hit points. Ever. I just declare "you killed it" when someone does damage andd the group is starting to get anxious about the combat.

There are wildly differing opinions on this, and I'm in the minority, but: I believe that it's the GM's job to keep the players alive. (And, yes, there are obvious exceptions.)

D&D can be made not to suck in one of two ways: playing it like it's meant to be played (hack-and-slash treasure-hoarding), or totally ditching the system and concentrating on the role-play. It has a wildly creative setting: it sets the imagination alight. I think it's a great way to escape, on the role-play end of things.

It's also great eye-candy, which is why I've gotten into the miniatures game. (Fucking expensive game, though.)

Other board-games are fun and much easier to arrange with people... but doesn't scratch the itch. At least D&D miniatures does, mostly.


You know, I don't think there's any such thing as a satisfied GM. Players are never focused enough, the world is never detailed enough, the system is never effective enough. The GM's lot is a lowly one.

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