Firefox extensions

It's time to take stock of my FireFox extensions, again, since I've shuffled them around quite a bit.

  • Adblock - A completely different way to surf, and there's no turning back. It's amazing how much suckier the web is with banners all over, and you have to use this for a few weeks to feel that pain--when you use someone else's browser!
  • Flashblock - Only see flash when you want to see flash. ...An extremely rare problem with some sites that have "hidden" flash scripts that talk to one another, but it's so rarely a problem that I don't care.
  • BugMeNot - When you want to read that article that requires registration... (Not very often, but oh-so-nice when you do!)
  • Delicious - I jumped on the Delicious (bookmark site) bandwagon some months ago, and I love the fact that my bookmarks come with me everywhere (and I don't need to worry about crashes and the like)...
  • IE View Lite - (website is down at the moment...) Right click on links to "Open in IE". That's all. ...And it's terribly handy here at work, where several apps we use are "IE Only" [rolls eyes].
  • WebDeveloper - I am using this less, now that FireBug does most of this stuff... but it still has some great form-tweaking options, and a nice "View CSS" option, among other things.
  • SessionSaver - Another plug I can't imagine living without--it brings up every tab you had open the last time you ran FFox... and even restores things after a crash.
  • FireBug - "Holy Flurking Schnitt". This does nearly everything you would want when doing webdev. The only problem with it is that it makes debugging in IE incredibly painful! (And, of course, the new Beta has a "lite" version that you can plug into IE, suposedly--I haven't checked that out yet, though...) Damn. Of course, this is only for webdevs, and any webdev reading this already knows about it. ; )
...I am, of course, very satisfied with this set of plugs.

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