So, lately, I find myself itching to listen to electronic music.

Those of you who know me would say "what else is new?" to that.

But I mean REALLY electronic music. Like, burbling, screeching, super-fat electronic music. I want to hear the circuitry overloading.

The problem is, there isn't enough of this style of music in my collection! There's some level of it in, say, Shpongle... but there's a lot of smoother fluff in there, too. Even "classic" electronic music (ie: Tangerine Dream) is lacking, for my recent tastes. Too many sampled sounds. Too much piano. (Ewww, piano.)

So where do I turn?

I get the most enjoyment out of--believe it or not--my "samples" directory. This is a collection I've made over the years, during my gear-lust phases, of recordings of synthesizers. Usually raw. ...Just folks fiddling with presets or showing off cool patches.

This is, of course, less "musical" than... well... music. Thus, I can't listen to this stuff all the time. ...though I've been tempted!

There are a few albums that scratch the itch. Depeche Mode's "Playing the Angel" fits the bill, for example. Nine Inch Nails, though guitar-heavy, seems to satisfy thanks to its dark, overdriven pseudo-electronic sound.

I also listen to my own music, despite it's flaws. ...And as I do, I find myself drawn to changing it: making it more simply electronic. Opening up the filters. Whipping out impOSCar. Throwing on the overdrive filter. Removing some notes. Compressing the beat.

We'll see where this leads.

Now playing: The Sinner in Me, by Depeche Mode. Yum.

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