I love programming.

There are few things as satisfying as writing a script that does something truly useful. For example, this afternoon, I whipped up a script that discovers incoming files, predicts which files should be there, warns you which of those aren't, looks for matching "deletions" files, counts the number of events in them, moves the original file to the internal directory where we want it, reports on the deletions, and constructs a URI that will process the file.

This is a process that easily eats up 30 minutes of someone's day each time it's done, and we've been doing it for three years now. It took me well under an hour to write.

Isn't that a shame? Three years of processing these files once a month, and with an hour's writing code, it becomes a 5-minute task.

Tickles me pink. In a guilty-pleasure kind of way.

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