...Where Our Hero Confronts Poets and Loses

I didn't get much of a reception to my latest album on Kahvi. ...A post or two on the Kahvi message boards... a single (!) link from another blog. That was it.

A little disappointing. ...So I decided to do a quick search. ...I eventually found one podcast that made use of it: Sundown Lounge. It's a poetry podcast out of LA, featuring quite a bit of funky music. My music was used as a kind of backdrop (he calls it a "Music Bed") over the host speaking in episode 129.

Hey, I'll take that. I was into poetry once... and my dad has always been a fan. And, hey, I once lived (kinda) near LA. It fits.

Of course, his choice of my music was random... he just picks a Kahvi track for each episode.

Besides that, the music (which is more typical, lyrical music) on the podcast is really quite good. It's surprising what you can find for free these days if you're plugged in to the right jack. ...I suppose I shouldn't be startled. One of my wife's friends is into the LA musician's scene (not as a performer, but as an organizer). I've seen a few local (LA) gigs, and they were all superb. Angela Ueber comes to mind. (I would link, but such things are blocked here at the VA.)

Anyway, it's certainly worth a listen, if you've got 40 minutes.

As for my music?

Meh. It didn't go over well. Can't win 'em all.

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