Facebook: You're Doing It Wrong

More on the Facebook thang:

I'm reminded of just how many women I had a crush on during my high school/college years.  : )  I've talked to three of them already, and that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  I am a freak.

I am getting a multitude of friend requests from people I barely knew.  I keep ignoring them. One guy even did it twice. Am I doing the Facebook thing wrong?  ...I dunno, perhaps my definition of "friend" is too strict.  I think my litmus test is "passing by".  If, when I knew you, I would wave hi, or even say "hello" or the like: you are an acquaintance, not a friend.  If we stop and chat for a couple of sentences, we might be friends: depends on whether it felt like an opportunity or a chore.  : )

One of the first people I found on Facebook was a neighbor of mine.  I was a little blown away by the fact that she was the first person I ever really knew, outside of my family.  We never really got along very well (not that we hated one anoher), but I still added her just for the sheer curiosity of it.  ...And, truth be told, I probably would have enjoyed talking to her, even though we weren't in the habit of saying hi.  (...She was one of those strong-women types, which I tend to like.)

Lastly, how is it that so many people I grew up with have gone on to be teachers?!?  I thought we had a shortage of them, but it seems the majority have gone that route... I wonder what percentage of college grads are teachers...

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