Low Hanging Fruit

What are your priorities for solving the world's problems?

I think this is a superb, if painful, question. And it gets discussed here:

If you want to see it, here is the full list.

...There are flaws with this, as he points out himself: money is not the solution to everything... but it does help. And, for the most part, I agree with their top-three ticket items (actually, I like the top 18). And, in fact, I would tend to agree with their climate-change conclusion as well: it's very costly. Better, IMO, to push that agenda culturally, rather than politically, such that it creates a bottom-up pressure toward being green. I think there will be a snowball effect there: as more people demand more green, more jobs will be created, technology will get better, and the solution will essentially become cheaper. So, IMO, best to focus on AIDS, malnutrition, and fair trade.

I'd like to see cancer research in there, personally... but I don't know the math. In that case--for me--it's less an economic impact I'm looking for, and more of a scientific one. If we can understand what causes cancer, we better understand the inner workings of life itself. (Notice I said "cancer research" and not "a cure to cancer". I'm talking prevention, not treatment.)

An important discussion. This video has gotten me thinking more than most!

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