My father-in-law introduced me to port wines not too long ago, and I found I rather liked them. Having confessed this to a friend of mine shortly before Christmas, I was given a gift of a bottle of Reynella Old Cave 12-year port.

I must say: it's quite amazing. A very complex, satisfying taste. I'm not a drinker (by any stretch of the imagination), so I can't use drinker-jargon, or even speak to it relative to other ports or wines, but I can say that, of the three or four ports I've tasted, this was the finest.

I understand that, as ports go, it's also relatively cheap ($13-16 a bottle)... and thus, I recommend it.

Do you have a favourite port I should be trying?


Victor said...

I prefer FireWire.

Jeremy Rice said...


You know, I have yet to actually use FireWire. Ever. Everything I use is USB2.

Interestingly, I find the FireWire/USB debate to be something akin to Mac/Windows: clearly the FireWire is a superior technology, but it's so rare that it's not often you get to take advantage of it.

...Note that I say this as an avid Mac-user... : )