Required Watching: Decision-making Skills

Superb discussion about risk, reward, and (my favourite) cognitive bias:

...Extra points to the second "question" (it was really a comment) from the audience. : )


r_b_bergstrom said...

The fireman vs fiddler segment (around 20 or 21 minutes in) was really confusing - either he misspoke, or there were technical issues that he didn't notice or comment on.

That said, the rest of the presentation was pure genius.

Jeremy Rice said...

I had a similar response to the fireman bit. He did make one mistake (at least) while talking about it, but even that aside, the example was not nearly as clear as his next few slides, where he showed how "distance" (in time) scales in a way that predicts decision-making dissonance.

...Which I thought was an awesome point. :)

The talk would have been just as good (better, even, due to negatives of confusion) without that analogy.