Today's thought-in-the-shower was:

Angry → stupid.

For the most part, the word "angry" and its derivatives can be substituted for "stupid".

  • "I got stupid at my son last week."
  • "Obnoxious drivers make me stupid."
  • "9-11 make a lot of Americans stupid."
...Really, this makes sense. Biochemically, anger must be releasing some rather nasty hormones that interfere with logic.

Same with being horny. : ) ...which is another word that clearly maps to "stupid".

Speaking of which, it dawned on me that people who use "Men can't help themselves sometimes" as an excuse for why women must dress appropriately at all times is akin to arguing that no one should be offensive because they're at fault when people hit them.

Okay, that thought isn't stated elegantly. But I'm tired. ...I woke up with an idea to make Blank White Cards into a Rails app. I couldn't sleep: I had to draw out the ORM and some ideas on a mini-parsing language for the "actions" at the bottom of cards.


[insert some joke about geekery mapping to stupidity here]

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