Ubuntu, Here I Am

Done! Voila! I write this from Firefox within Ubuntu.

...Not quite a cakewalk. ...Much to my chagrin, the installation page has this "Please Wait" screen after handling your video card. This is highly unusual, in my experience, for a Linux app to do: usually such screens (and indeed, the REST of the installation) kindly tells you exactly what it is up to. So my assumption was that the process had crashed, after the "Please Wait, 6%" screen stayed up for 20 minutes. I tried twice more (changing some suspected settings), and got the same results.

But I grabbed my wife's laptop and dug into the Ubuntu install docs, and, lo, they explain that packages are installed on TTY4 during this process, so you can switch over to view them, if you care to.

The dialog should say as much. Harrumph.

Anyway, I'm off to run the additional installation pacakges... getting ruby, mysql, The GIMP, and whatever else strikes me as missing. There's also a bunch of Linux music apps to check out. ...Oh, and I'd like to grab WINE (though Ubuntu kindly set up a dual-boot system, so I don't need it).

Awesome. I'm glad I did this. Linux in under 24 hours, and without a CD drive. : )

Not bad.

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