So, Chrsms. The greedy version.

My main gift was a very expensive watch, from my wife. Geek's watch!

The only gift I got from my wishlist was a photography book, which has (20 pages in) reminded me how much I suck as a photographer. ; )

I got a couple of neat display-type items: a chinese (I think) teapot with two cups, and a very cool blue bottle of sake. Nice.

I got an expansion (The Tower ) for Carcassonne. Cool.

I got some money, which we're going to use for a trip... either Vegas (which I would like for Blue Man, Cirque, food, and art), or northern NM (which I would like for the rest... and art).

I got some other trinkets, but they're all relatively minor.

I bought myself HL2: Episode One. Already beat it. Loved it.

The vacation itself was nice and relaxing: we played games, including one that I need: NAQ. We saw Happy Feet. Meh. (Entertaining, sure, but not nearly as good as Pixar films.) We went to the beach, once, where I visited a few nice galleries and a very cool rocks/minerals store. I read The Chronicles of Amber (well, the first half). I worked on my character for our Amber game. We watched a movie and a few episodes of Myth Busters around the house. It was quiet.


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