UC Davis

If I were back in California, it wouldn't be in the North. ...Errr... at least, I don't think so. I've been to SF and Silicon Valley, and didn't like either. ...Didn't hate it, but... didn't like it. Just didn't click. That's surprising, given that I'm a geek. [shrug] There's no accounting for biochemistry, as it were. It just doesn't do it for me.

That said, I'm going to look at UC Davis now. Again: this is mostly for fun (and to know more about colleges).

Pretty campus (errr... virtually). Diverse styles, most of them very cool.

It has a music program that isn't too bad (I think).

Linguistics program is lame. Not even really linguistics, except for some intro courses.

Good size art department, but nothing digital. Stikes me, for whatever reason, as... errr... "easy". There's nothing overtly competitive about it. ...I like that idea, but at the same time, worry that it means you're not being "pushed".

Huge microbiology department. Most labs seem to focus on macromolecule structure and genetics... well, it is microbio, not biochem. ; ) Still seems kinda cool. I wouldn't do it, though. : ) Lots of x-ray crystallography going on here.

CS is another big department, yet I'm underwhelmed. None of the focuses are up my alley.

Overall: nice place to visit, but wouldn't want to school there. : D

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