UNM has an "Electronic Arts" program that I would be interested in moreso than their (relatively weak) CS degree. I've met some of the professors over there in CS, and haven't been exactly overwhelmed. However, they do exist, and I think I could add a lot to the program, were I to help them out. ;)

On the other hand, UNM is fairly well-known (I'm told) for their BFA/MFA program, so I could "leverage" (shudder: I hate that word) that fact, major in Art, and just do a lot of computer work associated with it. (It seems the MFA in photography is #2 as of 2008.)

They have a really big bio department... lots of topics covered, some of them surprising for the middle of the high desert. Only 10 faculty in the Organic Chemistry realm... but that's not horrible. : )

UNM's a neat campus, and I really like the part of Albuquerque it's nestled in (Nobb Hill)... I eat there all the time. ; )

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