UNC Chapel Hill

Here's another exception: UNC. I don't like the South. Frankly, I would just as well consider it another country. So the fact that I could bend my rules a little to study there must mean an exemplary program, and I think UNC qualifies. Amazingly cheap, even for out-of-staters, at something like $10k per year. Despite that, it's got an attractive campus as well as some good programs. ...At least, that's what I thought. :) Part of the reason I'm doing this is to learn more, and as I look more deeply into UNC, I'm not sure there's really a compelling reason to break the no-South rule...

They seem to have a decent art program. 11 faculty and affiliations with other local schools... the usual focuses are available. But doesn't seem to be worth writing home about.

They don't have a Biochemistry program, per se, but they do have a Chemistry department with a focus on biochem. Within that program, the emphases seem to be on protein synthesis, genetics, and disease. Meh. (I'm really interested in signal transduction and endocrinology.)

They do have what appears to be a rather large, diverse biology department... with some neat programs within it. I could be happy with that, I'm sure.

But, again, I doubt it's worth the location. :)

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