The Progress of Truth

Some would argue that progress is the only measurement of success in life. Push, push, push! Do more! Be more! Strive!

...I'm not from that camp. ...Probably has something to do with the whole when-you're-dead-you're-dead belief. : ) And as the stereotype suggests, these people miss a lot of the finer, relaxed moments in life.

There are those from the other camp: there's no point to it all, so why bother with any of it?

I'm not from that camp, either. I would certainly rather spend my time enjoying life than pushing myself. Most of us would. The problem with laziness is that it accrues a kind of debt. After some time of it, one finds oneself paralyzed with a sense that there was no point to it all.

While progress is often painful, one feels a decided satisfaction looking back on one's accomplishments. The lazy types miss out on these finer moments in life.

The best path lies in harvesting the low-hanging fruit.

What can you accomplish with the least amount of effort?