101 Things

Dear reader,

I am--believe it or not--presently using Twitter.  You can find me there as JeremyRice.

I will continue to post here (and on my other blogs) as space warrants, but my typical random thoughts will migrate there.

That is all.


r_b_bergstrom said...

That's too bad. Having been burned so badly by my Plurk experiences, I have no desire to Twitter.

...on the other hand, you'd be the second friend I already have on Twitter. Maybe...


...must resist... the flaws are ingrained to the micro-blogging format... must resist... must remember... remember the 200-character upper limit that encourages people to post their damn lunch menu every freakin' day... remember how it sucked all the artistry out of everything else I wrote... must remember... must resist.

I know the lastest edition uses static defenses, but I made my will save anyway. That was close.

Jeremy Rice said...

I understand and respect your aversion.