Today, I was sick.  So I played a little (more) Oblivion, slept as much as I could, and watched the last of the "Three Colors" films, Red.

(I watched White a few days ago.  It was good, but didn't really do anything for me.)

It was good.  Not nearly as good as Blue, but with a slightly grander scale and meaning. I recommend it, but (obviously) not as highly as Blue.

I would like to watch more movies in the vein: really well-done films, imbued with meaning, well-shot, and superbly acted.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.

Currently in my queue are Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, a Hindi comedy, Léon, the classic French action film (yes, it's true, I haven't seen this yet), and Vozvrashcheniye, a Russian film about a father who returns to his sons after being gone their entire lives.

I'm not specifically looking for foreign films... it's just more likely that I haven't seen them, as opposed to the independent American films, which I've seen pretty much all of.  (...and rather like, mind you!)  ; )

Recommendations appreciated. Obscure is probably better (less likely to have seen), but it must be well-acted and with good cinematography.  I'm not in a forgiving (of quality) mood.  No "you've gotta watch Cube!", please.  ; )


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