Dog on the Loose


...We just had our first "escaped greyhound" experience. ...Since we live in a city, this is a scary thing.

Fortunately, Talulla wandered about a block before stumbling into a fenced yard, where I "grabbed" her (of course, that doesn't imply any running--running after a dog is dumb). I tried to lure her with dog treats, but she wasn't having it. En route, she chased one cat under a car (pissing off one neighbor), and attracted the attention of two or three other neighbors. On her "walk of shame" back to the house (after I had her on lead), she had a run-in with a pair of black-labs... fortunately the owners were there to quell the bigger of the two.

Eeesh. Quite an adrenaline rush, that. ...And now she's tasted freedom, as it were, and we'll have to be doubly vigilant.


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