Code-writing euphoria

I have a CGI that wants to validate a series of fields using Ajax.

I'm currently testing out the YUI toolkit. ...To be honest, I prefer Prototype, but I do want the breadth of knowledge to use both (and, next, I'll pick up dojo).

Anyway, back to the fields: there are three of them: client, project, and collection. I need to test if any of these fields have already been used (meaning: what the user enters must be unique), and I'm using Ajax to test this.

At first, I had a rat's nest of code, with basically a callback, handler, and response function for each one of the three. This, of course, made my teeth itch.

I tried refactoring, but I ran into the ubiquitouos scope problem in JS: I needed a closure around my "name".

After wrestling with it for two hours, this is what I ended up with, and it works beautifully:

// Check the existing names (client, project, collection):
var svrCheckExistingNames = "checkExistingNames.cgi";

nameHandler = function(o) {

// Stolen from Prototype:
Function.prototype.bind = function(obj) {
var method = this,
temp = function() {
return method.apply(obj, arguments);
return temp;
var clientTest = nameHandler.bind({name: 'client'});
var projectTest = nameHandler.bind({name: 'project'});
var collectionTest = nameHandler.bind({name: 'collection'});

function checkExistingNamesRequest(n, v){
$('checkExistingNames_'+n+'_container').innerHTML = "Checking existing "+n+" names... <img src="../icons/loading.gif%27" border="1" />";
var test = clientTest;
if (n == 'project') test = projectTest;
if (n == 'collection') test = collectionTest;
var request = YAHOO.util.Connect.asyncRequest('GET', svrCheckExistingNames+"?name="+n+"&value="+v, {success: test, failure: test});
...Why is it such a PITA to post code on Blogger? ...There must be a trick I'm not getting. (I'm using blockquote tags for nesting here!)

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