Mouse Over

What's the fsck'ing point of a mouseover image?

...I mean, I could understand if you have some complicated imagemap, where it's not entirely clear where one "button" ends and another begins... but you can't really use a mouseover image in those cases. (Not on an HTML page.) Mouseover images are used in well-segmented menus, where the user is plainly aware of which option their mouse is hanging over.

So what's the point of making that option "glow"?

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Andy said...

If you managed to pin a creative director down and force them to answer this question, the answer would pretty much be, "Because it looks cool!"

I spent a long time programming a an automated navigation view for a web application that had to meet a surprising number of criteria:

* Accomodates mouseover graphics
* Accomodates contextual highlighting (When you're on the "About" page, the "About" menu item gets a different CSS class - because the giant "ABOUT" <H1> at the top of the page isn't enough)
* Accomodates using graphics instead of text
* Accomodates drop-down submenus
* Gives the first item in the list a special 'first' CSS selector (so that you can style the individual nav items to have border-top styles, but not the first one)
* Et cetera

However, I'll take mouseovers over Flash navigation any day.