Okay, so I need to shut up about Seth Godin, already.

But he linked to a list that I enjoyed and want to refactor:

  • Real security comes from improvement. I once said "you don't ride an economy, you build it", and this is what I meant by that, in a less universal way.
  • Everything is version .9. ...which is a neat way of saying "nothing is perfect, keep improving."
  • Flexibility and efficiency are rarely mutual. Godin's point was different: he suggests that flexibility is "better" than honing a process... but that's for a marketer, and I'm looking for more universal advice. As a programmer, sometimes I want an efficient algorithm, sometimes I want a flexible set of tools. Each has its place.
  • Bet on change, in social situations. opposed to mathematical. By the way, I hate the saying "eveything is math": bullshit.
  • Creation requires iteration and influence. ...a better version of an old quote I used a lot: "Man does not create, he re-arranges". Creativity is the result of small changes to something old, influenced by something different. Enough of those changes, and it becomes its own, new entity.
  • Success abhores compromise.
  • Appreciate what you can, and endure the rest. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a code to live by.

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