I recently became disenchanted with the nature of this blog. It's all over the damn place, 'cause I'm a guy with lots of diverse interests, and they don't particularly synthesize into a compelling narrative.

So, I've split my blog up.

I will no longer be posting here about science, programming, religion, philosophy, or music. This blog will be "the life and times of Jeremy". ...Goings-on, events, opinions thereon, and the like. A place for friends and family to get updates without my having to repeat myself. ; ) I will also leave my drawing stuff here.

If you are interested in any of the above topics, email me, tell me which subjects you're interested in, and I will point you to the variants containing each.

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Victor said...

Shut up and blog, you bloody bastard! How many blogs do you expect me to follow?

Rather than having two blogs, maybe you should simply categorize your posts. I am not sure if you blog software has categorization feature, but if it doesn't, maybe it would be better to find one which does, than keep two blogs.