Housemate's blog

I have a house-mate. She's very quiet, nice, and otherwise avoids complicating our lives... it's been quite a positive experience, really.

My wife and I went to lunch with her the other day, and I asked her what was "on her mind recently" (since she's so quiet). She then admitted that she had recently been bullied into starting a blog*, and that she spent a lot of time thinking about what to post there.

I had to agree. Having a blog kinda changes the way thoughts roll around your head. In fact, I likened the sensation to that of someone who's just taken up photography. You end up looking at the world quite differently.

For me, blogging helped me realize just how connected we are, even those of us who are clearly introverts. It also made it very clear how influenced are actions are by how we think people will perceive them. And finally, it made it crystallized just how "different" a lot of my opinions are from (most) other people's. It's really been an experiment in sociology for me. Not entirely positive, to be sure... but I've learned a lot.

How has blogging changed your outlook?

* I didn't ask for a link to it; I figured it would be fairly private and be awkward to have to filter it for the people she's living with, in case she wanted to bitch about how we run our house. I'll ask when she moves out.

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