Guilty Pleasures: As You Get Older

One of the aspects of life that I find most fascinating is how people's tastes change with age.

A dramatic change for me has been my taste in music. Five years ago, I listened to and wrote ambient music 80% of the time. While some techno fascinated me, I thought it was redundant and obnoxious.

Today, I listen to techno 80% of the time. Some ambient is fascinating, but I mostly find it redundant and obnoxious.

(Okay, I really only listen to techno about 50% of the time.)

As I get older, I'm finding this trend continues... I just want music that's blatantly electronic.

Latley, I have even been listening to Astral Projection. I feel guilty admitting that.

What are you doing now that your younger self would have slapped you for?

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