Rest In Peace, Kikapu

Well. I just discovered that one of the net labels that I have released music on, known as Kikapu, was laid to rest this year.

Looking around, it seems like there are very few netlabels yet thriving. And those that I found were less than impressive. Is Kahvi the only one left? If you read this and know of one, please drop me a line.


drez said...

There are still some quality ones around...

check stadtgruens links they link to many quality netlabels...

Jeremy Rice said...

Thanks for the links! I really appreciate someone dropping by to point out new sources of music.

That said, I've done these labels due diligence over the past few days, and I have to say: not impressed.

I mean, they're not bad, per se... it's just that they're mostly ambient, and I've really moved away from ambient, m'self.

THAT said, there was one album that did impress me (Green Planet by Gate Zero, on StadtGruen. There were also a few tracks here and there that weren't bad (to my very particular tastes), but it was that album that stood out, to my mind.

Anyway, like I said, I do appreciate it, and would love to see any other suggestions.

(And, by the by, is where I did most of the "research" for this original post. I really have spent many hours looking for a label that aligns with my tastes...) : \