First Go Game a Disaster

This evening, I logged onto the "Panda Go Server" and marked myself as "looking for a game".

...This, after watching about a Half-dozen games there over the last week.

In other words, this is my first game against a human opponent.  He was listed as 17th kyu (no longer a beginner, but really low-rank).

I got creamed.  I mean, I didn't just get beaten, I got decimated. I didn't have a single live group on the board by move 175, after which I resigned.  I did have some areas reasonably well blocked-off, but it was clear he was good enough at invasion that I would have lost these, and even if I didn't, I had maybe 1/6th of the board.

Go is hard.

Sadly, I'm really, really intimidated to try again.

...Which is exactly why I'm going to do it again right now.


Jeremy Rice said...

...I lost the second game, albeit not as dramatically: it looked like I had about 1/4 of the board before resigning.

Hey, that's better than 1/6th.

Jeremy Rice said...

(Oh, and he was 11th Kyu... which is sort of... moderate.)