Go Proverb

Apparently, if not surprisingly, there is a collection of Go Proverbs.

The first one is healthy: "Lose your first 50 games as quickly as you can."

...Meaning, of course, that you won't have a chance of winning the game until you are quite familiar with the flow of it.

I've heard someone say that if you can get past 50 games, you will be addicted to Go for the rest of your life... but that most people don't actually get there.

I'm presently 11 games into that litmus test (albeit 9x9 games, which are easily 1/4 the length of a full game), and still interested in learning it. Perhaps I'll make it. Perhaps that's not a good thing.  : ) Part of me want to stop trying... I already claim too many hobbies. But something keeps nagging me to try again...

Anyway, I wonder how many things that rule could apply to.

Hmmmn...  how about: "Hide your first 50 figure drawings as quickly as you can"?

Man, I wish I'd pay attention to that thought.


Victor said...

Go rules.

I never managed to get into it myself -- too much work -- but it's a very interesting game; much harder to understand than chess. The best chess AIs can compete with the best humans, but the best Go AIs are passably good at best. Simple rules, but a lot of emergent complexity and very high branching factor (an order of magnitude higher than in chess IIRC).

Jeremy Rice said...

If you change your mind about getting into it, we could possibly attempt to rendezvous on the Go Server somehow.

I believe the "problem" with Go is that AI can't "solve" it--the problem space is enormous, compared to Chess. Chess has something like 30 possible moves from any given position on the board, where go has... uhhh... lots. And lots.

I think that if someone actually tried to build some.. errr... intelligence into their Go code, rather than attempting brute-force solutions, they could create a competent opponent.

That said, the computer, on its stupidest setting, is still wiping the floor we me. ...Even with my handicap. ...And that's not even counting komi (white gets 5.5 extra points for going second).

But, yeah. Go rules.

Jeremy Rice said...

...And of course, replying to this made me go play my 11th game... and I won. By 15.5 (which is significant on a 9x9 board).

...Two consecutive wins and I'll reduce my handicap to 1 stone...

Alas, I need to get back to writing my unit tests. ;)