I am an Amoral Bastard: I have proof.

I've had morals on the brain, of late, mostly based on Jonathan Haidt's Edge article. I decided to take Haidt's test, to find out where I lie on his scale.

The results suggest I'm all about avoiding harm... but that's about it.  Below, the green is my morality, the blue is typical liberal morality, and the red is typical conservative morality:

The measures are, from left to right: Harm, Fairness, Loyalty, Authority, and Purity. As you can see, I score lower on most measures than either group... though pretty close to liberals on Harm and Loyalty.

I'm pretty upset about the Fairness score.  ...It's simply that I no longer believe that "equal" is fair... it must be appropriate.

More on this subject (and on an amazing week) later.


Victor said...

I had a similarly mono-modal result, except that I spiked on fairness and didn't place high on anything else.

Jeremy Rice said...

I guess we're two of a kind. : )

...But at least I don't go around kicking puppies. ; )