Personal Kiss Of Death

Observation #1: parallel-processing is not my strength. I handle things so much better when I focus on them individually, and not let myself do "a little of this, then a little of that".

The reason for this truth might be in part because of:

Observation #2: My strength is improving things, not finishing things. I'm never content with anything: it's part of my mantra of continuous improvement. Here's one of those areas of contradictory virtues: it's a virtue to be receptive to continuous change, and it is a virtue to get things done, and be satisfied with them as-is... but these states cannot co-exist. Socially, I think people are dispersed along the spectrum... and I tend to lean very heavily toward the improvement end. So be it. But... heh... in improving myself... heh... I do need to try harder to complete things.

The solution there might be to focus more seriously on iterations. Hmmmn. I need to ponder that, but I like the sound of that. Smaller increments of improvement. I like it!

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