Are people lying in the polls?

Is McCain getting under-represented in the polls? Sounds ridiculous.

But I just read a thread where at least a dozen women say that they have been called and have lied, saying they are voting for Obama. Because they are "afraid of retribution".

Seriously? Seriously?!?

This has me worried, though. Seriously. What if there really are a significant number of people lying in the polls? What if Obama really doesn't have the lead that he seems to have?

I'm afraid.

[thanks to Joshua for pointing this out]


Victor said...

It's total crap IMO. They can say whatever they want, but the fact is that Hillary supporters used to post rather significant anti-Obama numbers, and yet that has gone down.

Unless something radically changed in the world that makes her feel fear now where she didn't feel any three months ago, I would write this off as total crap.

I bet dollars to donuts that they don't lie to pollsters, and say that shit on the Internet just to create an appearance -- look how terrible, intimidating, and thuggish Obama supporters are! We are terrified of their retaliation for saying "McCain" on the telephone! It's a passive-aggressive victim game, nothing more, IMO.

People answer 'McCain' to polls all the fucking time. I don't believe for a moment that these women are really afraid of retaliation.

Just 9 days to go, eh? We will know soon enough.

Jeremy Rice said...

Will we?

What really worries me here is the idea that you can't steal an election via fraud unless there is plausible cause that the election was fair.

If there are enough of these voices proclaiming "I lied in the polls", then the impetus is there to point to them and say "I told you we weren't losing"... and then vote-stealing will not be questioned as rigorously as it should be.

...I'm also scared that, if people say something often enough, others begin to believe it. Meaning, if these assholes continue to espouse the virtues (saftey) of lying to polls, then people will start thinking, for real, "that's a good idea! I should protect my family!" ...and we are, in fact, seeing inflated numbers.

I remain worried.

r_b_bergstrom said...

I've been worrying about this for more than a month now

r_b_bergstrom said...

Just realized my statement's meaning wasn't clear.

I don't think there's Obama-thugs out there beating up people who tell pollsters they're voting for McCain. That's crazy.

Nor do I think a large portion of voters are crazy enough to believe a story like that, and lie to pollsters to "protect" themselves.

Nor do I think most people claiming to support Obama will instead vote for McCain.

But I do think the media will believe that nonsense if the polls all disagree with the official vote count. And I'm terrified that "Bradley Effect" bullshit gives cover to vote rigging Republicans.

r_b_bergstrom said...

How can anyone be stupid enough to think that Obama supporters at the polling companies are going to target them for violence?

Even if you believed someone might do something like that...

It's not like you're going to be the only person that says "McCain" to them. By even the most Obama-loving poll data, at least 30% of the country is McCain voters. No one would have time to go beat up or vandalize 30% of all the houses in even a single city.

And, if they did try a few random houses anyway, for whatever motive... they'd be taking a huge risk that your household includes dogs, guns or bodybuilders.

So, given all that, it's hard to swallow that someone really believes they're in danger.

Even if they do, why not just say "I prefer not to comment on my vote" to the pollster? Why lie, when you can just hang up?

Frankly, it all smells of rubbish. It's like someone's spewing nonsense to incite a panic or cover for something.