Gaming Geek I Am Not

I love board games. If I had the opportunity, I would play board game at least three times a week.  (Well, maybe once a week, if I could convince people to role-play or do 1kBWC instead.)

I spend a lot of time this evening.  (Okay, ALL evening) at Board Game Geek looking through the categories. I ended up scribbling down the names of over 50 games that intrigued me.

As is my nature, the very next thing I did was whittle the list way down (to 12, plus 7 I'm undecided about).

See... I'm not a gaming geek. Not in the traditional, I-have-a-spare-room-dedicated-to-storing-games sense. I'm actually something of a gaming minimalist. How many games do I think is ideal to own?  Probably about 20. In my mind, if there's a game that's similar to but better than another, there's little reason to own it.  Even if it's "also really cool".

I presently own about 30 games.  Maybe 35.  Of those, I think 10 are actually worth playing... (the rest I keep around to keep feelings from being hurt). Okay, one of them (Puerto Rico) I haven't played yet and so maybe it'll be 11.  Or maybe that one will displace Settlers of Catan. ...I doubt it.

(Oh, and Go is notably missing from my collection of games. So maybe it should even be 12.)

I like a lot more games than that. I'd be entirely willing to play them! But if one of those 10-12 games were also in the house, I would quickly suggest we use one of those instead.

My snobbery knows no bounds!


Victor said...

Snob, snob, snobbity snob!

(sorry, just testing my new avatar)

Jeremy Rice said...

You look like "Saint Victor the Intimidating, Patron Saint of Critical Thought".