"You're a story-teller."

A friend of mine said that to me.  ...Quite some time ago, actually (a year, perhaps?), but it still sticks with me.  I'd never really made the connection before she said it, so it was important to me.

If you remember me from my youth, you'll know that I grew up convinced that I was going to be a fiction author: that I would have some lousy day-job as a crappy architect, but my real effort would go into after-hours authorship.  You'll also know that I abandoned that dream of writing somewhere mid-way through college, when I realized that writers have to read.  A lot. And I didn't have the stomach for it.

That may have been where it started, but lately my story-telling nature manifests itself in very different ways. ...And often, when it does, I think back to that friend of mine telling me I was story-teller.

For example, just moments ago I called my wife to ask her to pick up dog treats while she was out.  Simple enough.  ...But I turned it into a story, explaining how I'd found her chewing on one of our son's toys and how it occurred to me that perhaps some treats would be useful to have on-hand while she (my wife) was out of state this weekend.

Not "could you please pick up some dog-treats."

And there it is.  A subtle manifestation, perhaps, but indicative of a larger trend.

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