Ooh! Coo', Lay Lay!

Lately, I keep wondering if electronic music is really just the same ten or twelve songs, being re-written, over and over, endlessly seeking the most appropriate expression of their underlying themes.

It certainly seems that way some times. ...Though I suppose one could say that about almost all music.

With that in mind, I bring you a video of the "Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain":


Victor said...

That was surprisingly good. Even awesomely good before too many voices joined in. Quite a harmonization there, eh?

Jeremy Rice said...

Agreed. Upon repeat listening, I wasn't quite as bothered by the dissonance of the "crowded" part of the song, but it still wasn't quite as good as with four of them singing. ...Perhaps they would have done themselves more justice if they had let one voice drop off when the the fifth started. I also think they could have added more uke.

These guys (The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain) are highly entertaining. I ended up watching many of their videos yesterday and was quite pleased. I recommend "Shaft", for example. The only one I didn't actually like was "Smells Like Teen Spirit", 'cause I think they picked the wrong singer and the accompaniment wasn't arranged quite as effectively as it could have been. My expectations may have been too high at that point. :)

r_b_bergstrom said...

The listener should never be able to understand that many lyrics from that particular song.