All I Care To Know About Gangs...

I learned from TED... a few interesting things about gangs.

Gang members have a 7% annual mortality rate. Death row has a 2% mortality rate. American soldiers in Iraq have a 0.5% mortality rate.

"Foot Soldiers" in a gang average $3.50/hr. Twice as much when there's a "war" going on.

Most of these people moonlight at McDonalds and the like.

The "success" rate in a gang is about the same as in the corporate world... very, very few rise to positions of power. ...If they make it, they can earn $100-$300k per year. ...But those people tend to hold power. So you're almost completely barred from "promotion".

The "bling" you see isn't gold; it's gold-plated. The Bentleys are rented. The flashes of lots of money was borrowed.

Go watch the video. It's very entertaining: good information and a few laughs.

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