I've known about mnemonics since college, but I haven't really used them much (at all) until reading Derren Brown's book.

I am using them extensively in learning Hindi. I am also using them to remember names at parties.

I was describing my method to some co-workers this week. I said:

"Since it's easy to remember faces and other visual things, basically what you do is visualize the other person interacting in some remarkable way with someone else with the same name. So, like, if I met someone named Jeremy, I might remember Jeremy Irons giving the new guy a head lock."

I've been stuttering with increasing frequency in the past three years. Not sure why. But it so happens that I stuttered a bit on that last sentence. Thus, what the others heard was "Jeremy Irons giving the new guy head."

Mmmn-hmmmn. That would be memorable. The joke certainly is: perhaps someday they'll stop making references to it.

[Image blatantly stolen from some news site. Wipe that grin off your face, Irons.]

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