Re: Hindi Update

I have started to carry around index cards, cut in half, with Hindi words on one side (in Devanagari script), and their pronunciation and meaning (and, when applicable, gender), on the other side. When I have a moment, I quiz myself on them.

I hated flash cards when I was a kid. Despised 'em. Coupled with simple mnemonics, however, I now find them absurdly powerful learning devices.

I presently have about a one hundred and thirty word vocabulary in Hindi, measured by the ability to recognize words written in Hindi. I'm worse at understanding spoken Hindi, and much worse at translating English to Hindi: I haven't practiced that, yet.

I've learned the vast majority of those words (90?) in the past 24 hours, so we have yet to see how well I retain them. : ) That said, it seems entirely possible to pick up 100 words or so in a day, if you're working at it frequently. 20 words a day would be nearly trivial. ...Perhaps that's the pace I will try and maintain.

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