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I am currently in the market for a good "Science Blog". I've looked at these, and while there were a few good ones, the really popular blogs seem to be at most 20% science, and 80% "creationism can suck it". I don't need to hear about the whackadoos. I am also passing over the big magazines (Science, Nature, etc) because they don't post full articles, only soundbytes with links. (Honestly, I am thinking of nixing Scott Adams' blog because he switched to this format. It's sad.) If I can read the whole thing in Google Reader, I am unlikely to bother.

And no, Rolfe, Repeated Explitives doesn't count as science. And, yes, you can object all you want. : )

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r_b_bergstrom said...

There ain't nothin' scientific about Repeated Expletives. We're fuckin' crazy over there.