Note To Shelf: Short Film Concept

(Done in rough cartoon-style. Silent, or with minimal ambient background.)

  1. A man, staring down at a picnic table. No motion, but the drawing should "wiggle".
  2. A mosquito, sitting on the picnic table. Stoic.
  3. The man. Close-up of his face, staring at the mosquito. He squints slightly, brow furrowing a little.
  4. Mosquito, close-up of its head. No expression.
  5. The man's eyes, reflecting the picnic table, with a dot on it.
  6. Mosquito's eyes, reflecting 3 dozen men.
  7. From the side: the man slowly raises his hand to head-level, palm-forward, ready to swat.
  8. Repeat scene 4.
  9. From behind and above. The man starts to swing
  10. Rapid switch to side-view of the mosquito, pulled out a bit, to see the hand coming down. It jumps away with a buzzing sound, and the hand slaps the surface loudly.
  11. 2/3rd shot of the man, hand still on the table, head following the mosquito as it buzzes away toward the camera, which it flies past.
  12. Front view of the man pulling his hand back, putting at his side, looking at where the mosquito was. Perhaps he looks stupidly at the palm of his hand for a moment.
  13. Further away, he's still standing there, silently. A circular shadow starts to grow from right behind him, encompasses the majority of the scene.
  14. Close-up of man's face, eyes looking down, then up.
  15. Pull WAY out to show a meteor falling toward the man.
  16. Close-up of man's eyes, which quickly widen.
  17. Side view of meteor falling on man. No explosion: just a THUNK, burrying itself half-way into the ground. Pause. ...The mosquito flies past.
Point: showing that a mosquito, with 1/1000000000th the brain cells, can be smarter at the simple things.

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