If you had to disappear, where would you go?

If, for whatever reason, you needed to hide from some reasonably-large group of people for a couple of years, where would you go? What would you do?

...I see two options, myself.

Option one would be to go to some remote college town. Probably in Oregon, 'cause it's not too populated, but not too remote, and the cost of living isn't obscene (yet). I'd take some low-key job in the town, hopefully on-campus, though I wouldn't be able to take an "official" job: too much paperwork. This way, I could audit a good number of classes and keep myself intellectually stimulated while remaining off the radar.

Option two would be tucking myself away in some hidden Zen Temple. Sure, I'm not Buddhist, but I could certainly fake it for a few years. This way, I would be spending the bulk of my time hauling water, sweeping leaves, and clearing my mind. And there's no chance in hell anyone would look there. ; )

Uhhh... unless they read this post. Dammit!

What about you?


r_b_bergstrom said...

Best not say. I may still use it someday.

Victor said...

I would hole up in some small town in the boonies of western Massachusetts, and get a telecommuting job.

Oh wait...