Music: Decmeber, 2007

[Warning: this post is going to be a blatant over-post. I wanted to be detailed on this one, since it's something of a "historical" post. I want to know what I was thinking at this point in my life.]

As I find myself cleaning up the music off of my work PC (because I have the iPod), I discover that it's time to take stock of my favourite music, again. I'll do it a little differently, listing how many tracks I refused to delete from my machine, despite the redundancy. Thus, these are the songs that are in my "survival kit", for those rare days where I've forgotten my iPod (which I haven't yet). And so, I bring you...

Essential Music

In reverse order (meaning, fewest to most):

  1. A tie for the 1-song slot: Alexander Chereshnev (Silver Train), Bad Loop and Recue (AWESOME 1-hour long mix), José González (Heartbeats), The Orb (Slug Dub), Rush (Tom Sawyer--it's nostalgic), and Tobias Wilton (hevv). Also Alanis Morissette (Uninvited), whom I admit to having a crush on.
  2. A couple of 2-song contenders not worth singling out: Biosphere, Dave Mathews Band, kaen (which is cheating: they are 1-hour-plus mixes of Kahvi music), and Mataya.
  3. Pat Metheny Group: 3. Yes, I still listen to some jazz now and then!
  4. Enigma: 3. All from MCMXC AD. Cheeseball? Perhaps. But addictive.
  5. Afro Celt Soundsystem: 3. Though it's something of a guilty pleasure (saying you're listening to "world music" usually elicits violent responses), these guys rock. I have a boatload more of their music, but three of the songs are essential.
  6. Kilowatts: 4. This is the kahvi release from about a year ago. Download it! One of the best releases from Kahvi... a lot of fun: electronic and rhythmic. Full of energy and whimsy.
  7. Pink Floyd: 5 tracks from The Wall that I can't live without.
  8. Seal: 6. An incredible vocalist, sure, but it's the punchy rhythms and unusual song development that I prefer.
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers: 6. Blood Sugar Sex Magik: best rock album of all time, sez I.
  10. Esem: 9. I was actually surprised that I cut it down to this few... these are his "hardest" pieces, from alipe lacks to tetaby. This music is the power source for my soul.
  11. Tangerine Dream: 10. This is just the entirety of Dream Mixes.
  12. Depeche Mode: 10. Namely, Playing the Angel. When I need a fix of hard-core electronic music, this gets queued up.
  13. Shpongle: 11. And this is only so low because I don't have Nothing is Lost on this machine! I think that album's about 16 tracks, so perhaps this list should be around 25. : )
  14. Toad the Wet Sproket: 13. Down-to-earth rock music.
  15. Nine Inch Nails: 24. Yup. Nasty, evil, dark, dirty, and delicious.
  16. Introspective: 27. This is my own music... not everything I've written, clearly, but some of the best picks. I suppose it's a good sign that my own music comes out on top.
My "survival kit" is comprised of just over 150 songs, by 26 artists. Not sure what that says, since there's very little to compare it to. : )

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