Liberal Conspiracies (Some Quotes)

Their parents wrested defeat from victory in Vietnam; and so try they. For liberals life is all about control. They don't care about the troops or nation, or they would support them so they can come home in victory. Will America prevail if anything and everything is permitted in the name of free speech? When does free speech become treason? Yes, terrorists threaten America. But the liberal attitude is the most deadly assault on our country. The threat of nuclear terrorism on our shores pales in comparison. Citizens like these do more harm than our enemies.

-- letter to the editor of Daily Record

On immigration:

I don't want [my friend] Louis deported, but I don't want or will tolerate Mexican flags on American streets or have my country reduced to a multicultural, socialist cesspool. The people behind this are not people like Louis, but those with a political agenda that wouldn't invite Louis home to dinner. Don't blame Louis and others. If I sound harsh with Mexicans, etc. I apologize, it isn't them.

Some interesting quotes from Amazon's reviews of an old Sean Hannity book:

Finally someone, in this case Sean Hannity, is able to cut through the liberal domination of the published world and drop some truth grenades on the battlefield of America. You say Liberalism I say Terrorism. In fact I can't tell the difference. It's the liberals who have declared jihad on the wombs of America's women. It is Liberals who strapped their [...] bombs to their bleeding hearts and blew up the church of marriage. And it is liberals who flew the plane into the second tower. I've heard one of the pilots was a 3rd cousin of Al Gore.

By the fact that so many people are so enraged over a guy who only writes a book about the fact that liberalism is bad for the country and that America is a good place, shows how utterly perverted and reprehensible our society has become. You would think that Sean Hannity had written Mein Kampf. I mean this is merely a book that criticizes the liberal agenda. Not only that Hannity respects the Democrats of JFK and Roosevelt and Truman. The main problem is the Democratic party today, wants partial birth abortion on demand, hates Christianity, wants open borders, hates America, defends those who blow up our buildings.

...To be honest, it's actually relatively difficult to find coherent right-wing arguments on-line. I assume that has something to do with the correlation between technophilia and liberalism. ...Or perhaps it's a liberal conspiracy by Google to drown out the Right. I would like some intelligent counterpoint to the crap I've found while looking for myself. It mostly seems to boil down to points like this:
...Nothing makes a citizen more selfish than socially equitable communitarianism: Once a fellow’s enjoying the fruits of Euro-style entitlements, he couldn’t give a hoot about the general societal interest; he’s got his, and who cares if it’s going to bankrupt the state a generation hence?

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